Beat It

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Hiya, I’m Sora! Remember me & My siblings, the hide & squeak eggs? Well now, you can join me for lots more fun and games. Tap me the shell on my head with the chunky spoon and watch me wobble and rock as I dance along to your beat! Choose from four different modes: do-free-mi, where I play a new note every time you tap me. Melody mode, where you can play a perfect “Twinkle Twinkle little Star” with every tap. Giggle along to funny SFX, tap-tap-tapping my shell for five smashing sound effects. Then tap to add a music layer, You Can add your own rhythm & three silly sounds to my background tune. 3 x AAA batteries included. Features a sleep mode.

Suitable for 18 months +

Not suitable for under 18 months. Subject to specific saftey warnings.