Burp the Baby

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The easy-queasy game of bringing-up baby. oh no! Baby Bob has an upset tummy. Take turns with your friends trying to burp the baby, but watch out! Burp him too much and you'll be in for a surprise! 2-4 players. How to Play 1. The youngest player goes €first and presses the button located on Bob’s back to start crying. 2. When baby Bob starts crying, tap the button located on his back to simulate burping him. 3. Keeping tapping the button until Bob starts laughing. 4.When he does start laughing, pass Bob round to all players. 5. The player holding Bob when he starts crying again is the player who burps him. 6. But watch out, if Bob cries and then throws up (sprays water) on the player holding Bob that player is out of the game! 7. The winner is the player who Bob doesn't throw up on! Suitable for ages 4+ Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months. Subject to specific safety warnings.