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We may be living in the technological age but there is still nothing like a great board game to provide hours of entertainment. Games and puzzles are a fabulous way to get the whole family having fun together and kids love the challenge of trying to come out on top. At Kids Stuff Toys we have an impressive range of games and puzzles for adults and children of all ages. You will find the all-time classics, great jigsaws and some wonderful new games to test your skills and knowledge.

Talking of knowledge, how about a good quiz? We have a variety of quiz games with something to suit all tastes and interests. TV buffs will love The Best of TV & Movies and don’t forget Linkee as featured on Dragons Den, now with all new questions. For all round family entertainment it is hard to top Trivial Pursuit and The Logo Board Game is something everyone can have a go at.

At Kids Stuff Toys we are proud to offer you enduring classics like Monopoly and Cluedo. Board games can come and go but these two have really stood the test of time and appeal to both adults and children. Kids will get a lot of laughs playing Kerplunk, Buckeroo, Frustration and Flying Hats and you simply can’t beat a game of Snakes and Ladders. All of these games are a fine investment as they will be played again and again and span the generations.

Take one look at a jigsaw puzzle and you just have to complete it! Jigsaws are a great way for adults to relax and can play a crucial role in a child’s cognitive development and in improving their dexterity. Our range of puzzles encompasses simple junior games with just a few pieces to 1000 piece monsters for the more ambitious. If you are feeling really adventurous why not try a 3D puzzle like the Ravensburger Eiffel Tower or get everyone involved in completing a giant floor puzzle like the Galt Giant Dinosaurs or Haunted House Magic puzzles.

Games and puzzles challenge the mind, improve dexterity and provide hours of fun for young and old alike. We are confident that you will be delighted with our fabulous collection and that you will have a bundle of laughs playing our games.

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